davidson du pont

Prix d’Amérique Races ZEturf QUALIF #6: a last place for Davidson du Pont


17 January 2021

After a magnificent final acceleration, Davidson du Pont triumphed in the Prix d’Amérique Races ZEturf QUALIF # 6 Prix de Belgique on Sunday January 17th at Hippodrome Paris-Vincennes. Under the grip of his trainer Jean-Michel Bazire, he dominated after a good fight Délia du Pommereux, who had to be content with second place ahead of Moni Viking. This was the final qualifier for the Ultimate Finals of the Prix d’Amérique Races ZEturf competition. Davidson du Pont got the precious sesame, while Délia du Pommereux and Moni Viking had won it in previous races. All three will be able to participate in Prix d’Amerique Legend Race, Prix de France Speed ​​Race and Prix de Paris Marathon Race.

There were only 12 left to claim the last three passports for the Ultimate Finals after Vitruvio‘s forfeit a few minutes before the start. The confrontation nevertheless gave rise to a captivating moment of sport. Davidson du Pont, the overwhelming favorite, got off to a cautious start and found himself at the back of the field. Jean-Michel Bazire, his driver and developer, then gradually accelerated to seek victory near the post. Courageous Délia du Pommereux, associated for the first time with Sulky d’Or Eric Raffin, and Moni Viking completed the podium. They had already obtained their passport for the Ultimate Finals. Davidson du Pont thus joins the list of qualifiers Diable de Vauvert, Feliciano, Bahia Quesnot, Face Time Bourbon, Victor Ferm, Gu d’Héripré, Féérie Wood, Vivid Wise As and the aforementioned Délia du Pommereux and Moni Viking.

At the microphone of Equidia, Jean-Michel Bazire was won over by Davidson du Pont’s performance: “He followed quietly and accelerated well to finish. Halfway through the straight line, I knew it was won. He fought well against Délia du Pommereux. I will now “sharpen the blade” for the good races. I still have a couple of things to sort out. I have two weeks left. We are good!

The Prix d’Amerique Races competition will now enter an even bigger dimension with the three Ultimate Finals. The first, Prix d’Amerique Legend Race, will be held on Sunday, January 31. Then will come the Prix de France Speed ​​Race, Sunday February 14, and the Prix de Paris Marathon Race, Sunday February 28. The crack who wins the three summit races in a row will pass the fabulous Ultimate challenge.