delia du pommereux

Which casting for the Prix de Paris “Marathon Race”?


17 February 2021

The Prix de Paris “Marathon Race” will be the last round of the Prix d’Amérique Races ZEturf competition on Sunday February 28 at the Paris-Vincennes Hippodrome. This third Ultimate Final will once again offer an immense moment of sport at the highest level. The champions will face each other over the longest distance on the Paris route: 4,150 meters, or two laps of the Big Track. Endurance and tactical sense will be essential to shine. The final starters will be known on Thursday 25 February. However, we can group together the information gathered in the media to draw up a probable first casting.

Superb winner of the Prix de France “Speed ​​Race” last Sunday, Délia du Pommereux should run the Prix de Paris “Marathon Race”. “She recovered well and was not breathing after the finish,” said Sylvain Roger, her coach, at Equidia. Davidson du Pont could also be there, but his entourage have yet to make up their minds. Among the horses qualified for the Ultimate Finals, Diable de Vauvert, Feliciano, Victor Ferm, Féerie Wood and Moni Viking are expected to be at the start. Bahia Quesnot will decline the invitation and will perform in Cagnes-sur-Mer in the Grand Critérium de Vitesse de la Côte d´Azur on Sunday 14 March. Face Time Bourbon, winner of the Prix d’Amérique “Legend Race” and second in the Prix de France “Speed ​​Race”, will not also participate. He will line up in the Prix de Sélection, a Group I, on Saturday March 6 at the Paris-Vincennes Hippodrome. Unqualified but having participated in the Prix d’Amérique Races ZEturf competition, Fakir du Lorault was initially announced by Mickaël Charuel, his mentor. Chica de Joudes could also give it a go.