Prix d’Amérique Races ZEturf: like an Italian perfume

Prix d’Amérique Races ZEturf: like an Italian perfume


18 December 2020

A strong Italian influence marks Prix d’Amerique Races ZEturf competition. Overview.

The international aspect of Prix d’Amerique Races ZEturf currently owes a lot to Italy. Several settings offer a scent from across the Alps. Starting with the winner of QUALIF # 2 Prix du Bourbonnais, Face Time Bourbon. The winner of Prix d’Amérique-Legend Race 2020 belongs to Scuderia Bivans, the horse racing structure of Antonio Somma. The Neapolitan is the leader in Italy by owner gains this year. Face Time Bourbon training mates Tony Gio and Billie de Montfort, candidates for QUALIF # 1 on November 22, then raced in Milan. The mare even won the event, the Grand Prix des Nations, a Group I. It should also be remembered that Bahia Quesnot, third in QUALIF # 1, triumphed on Sunday, December 13 in Naples in a Group I.

Two recent recruits of Jean-Michel Bazire, Valzer di Poggio and Victor Ferm, were born in the Italian peninsula. The first city participated in QUALIF # 1 and # 2 without success. The runner-up got his ticket to all three of the Ultimate (Prix d’Amérique, Prix de France and Prix de Paris) thanks to his honorary runner-up last Sunday. And among our best drivers, let us quote the most Italian of them: Gabriele Gelormini. The Turin-born driver has been in the top 10 in his category for five years. He won QUALIF # 1 at the Diable de Vauvert sulky. In Prix d’Amérique-Legend Race, there are 13 victories stamped in the colors of Italy. The horse racing love story between France and Dante’s country is clearly far from over.

Article published in 24H au Trot