timoko prix de france speed race

They took their revenge in The Prix de France “Speed Race” 2/4

Step back in time

10 February 2021

February 8, 2015. Timoko has just performed an excellent performance in the Prix d’Amerique “Legend Race” taking third place just behind Up And Quick and Voltigeur de Myrt. Richard Westerink’s resident took advantage of his supersonic speed and sparkling form to take his revenge two weeks later in the Prix de France “Speed ​​Race”. It was one of the most prestigious successes of his rich career.

With an excellent number behind the autostart on 3, Timoko made a good start and got into the fight straight away. He took command about 1,500 yards from goal, soon joined by Texas Charm, one of his most dangerous rivals. The latter relayed him at the head of the race one kilometer from the post. Timoko follows him like his shadow. At the beginning of the final turn, Björn Goop, his driver, however, had to ask him to keep in touch with the leader. This small drop in power is only temporary. As the winner of America’s Legend Race Up And Quick races to a gallop, Timoko hits the accelerator again to get closer to Texas Charm. The fight between the two protagonists is splendid. At the cost of a formidable final effort, Timoko manages to take away the victory to the cheers of the crowd.

Watch the Prix de France “Speed ​​Race” 2015 below: