davidson du pont prix de france

They took their revenge in the Prix de France “Speed Race” 4/4

Step back in time

13 February 2021

February 9, 2020. Face Time Bourbon, only 5 years old, has just won the Prix d’Amerique “Legend Race” just ahead of Davidson du Pont. The two champions face each other again 15 days later in the Prix de France “Speed ​​Race”. Fans of top-level sports are still waiting for a duel. Jean-Michel Bazire’s protege will this time reverse the standings and take his revenge on the young prodigy, at the end of a spectacular and breathtaking final!

Davidson du Pont driver Jean Michel Bazire knows that his main rival Face Time Bourbon inherited a poor number behind the autostart, the 8 on the outside. He took the opportunity to get off to a quick start with his ideal position in lane 4. Initially second in the wake of Uza Josselyn, the son of Pacha du Pont took command 1,500 meters from the goal. He positions himself head and rope and does not let anyone pass in front of him. Meanwhile, Face Time Bourbon is stuck in the heart of the pack. JMB saw it and put the accelerator on the last turn. Davidson du Pont broke away from his opponents at the start of the straight. Face Time Bourbon managed to extricate itself from the hold of the peloton. He finishes at full speed, in a magnificent action, but too late! Davidson du Pont resisted his assault and won a superb victory. The arrival was in any case a terrific moment!

Watch the Prix de France “Speed ​​Race” 2020 below: