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The starting grid of the “Prix de France “Speed Race”


11 February 2021

The Prix de France “Speed ​​Race” will offer a superb moment of sport on Sunday February 14th at the Paris-Vincennes Hippodrome. Second of the three Ultimate Finals of the Prix d’Amerique Races ZEturf competition, this Group I represents the revenge of the Prix d’Amerique “Legend Race”, two weeks after the coronation of Face Time Bourbon. The 2,100-meter speed course promises an intense and spectacular confrontation.

The revenge will take place as the first two of the Prix d’Amerique “Legend Race” will be in contention. Face Time Bourbon, winner on January 31, and his runner-up Davidson du Pont, the title holder of this Prix de France “Speed ​​Race”, will face each other again on the mythical Parisian ash. Last year in the same event, the runner-up beat his rival. What will be the scenario this Sunday? Everything remains possible.

On a short course conducive to all speeding, the other thrilling parameter will be the stopwatch. Will the race record fall? Still held by Kool du Caux in 1’09”8, it dates back to 2007. When we know that Face Time Bourbon trotted twice in 1’09”4 on this track last year, we can think that the brand is in great danger.

Behind the two essential favorites, Face Time Bourbon and Davidson du Pont, Délia du Pommereux and Bahia Quesnot, respectively fourth and fifth in the Prix d’Amérique “Legend Race”, will also have legitimate ambitions. Billie de Montfort, who loves sprints, Aetos Kronos, a gifted Swede who will ensure the international side of the event, Romanesque and Frisbee d´Am complete this sumptuous cast.

In this race with the help of autostart, the positions behind the car are important. Pierre Hermé, voted best pastry chef in the world and a great lover of horse racing, had the privilege of drawing lots for the numbers. The king of the macaron had a lucky hand for Face Time Bourbon with the 2, considered one of the most advantageous. Davidson du Pont was less fortunate with the number 8 on the outside.

Jean-Michel Bazire, coach-driver of Davidson du Pont, was present during the draw. He is not angry with Pierre Hermé: “I admire your work, I particularly enjoy your rose cake! The number 8 is obviously difficult but my horse is perfect and has recovered well from his recent efforts. ”

Björn Goop, Face Time Bourbon pilot, also reacted: “Number 2 is very good, even if I would have preferred the 3 or the 4. It’s a little sad for Davidson du Pont and his 8 but Jean -Michel Bazire can use all tactics. ”

Consult the list of starters for the Prix de France “Speed ​​Race” by clicking here (at the bottom of the page) or here.

Watch the draw below: