Etonnant Prix de Paris

Prix de Paris “Marathon Race”: Etonnant solid as a rock


28 February 2021

The Prix d’Amérique Races ZEturf competition ended on Sunday February 28 at Hippodrome Paris-Vincennes with the dazzling victory of Etonnant in the Prix de Paris “Marathon Race”, third Ultimate Final after the Prix d’Amérique “ Legend Race ”and the Prix de France“ Speed ​​Race ”. Offered at 60/1, the winner lived up to his name admirably.

The Prix d’Amerique Races ZEturf definitely brought their share of suspense, twists and surprises. All the races were thrilling and intense, and the last one, the Prix de Paris “Marathon Race”, was no exception. In the first part of the event, the positions in the peloton hardly change. Etonnant quickly takes command and sets his pace. No one dares to attack him. The scenario literally “explodes” 1,500 meters from the goal. The disqualification of Davidson du Pont, second in the Prix d’Amerique “Legend Race” and promoted to favorite, caused a thunderclap. Other prominent competitors, such as Délia du Pommereux, winner of the Prix de Paris “Speed ​​Race”, and Flamme du Goutier, went on the offensive.

But nothing seems to shake the rock Etonnant. The resident of Richard Westerink, driven in great confidence by Anthony Barrier, resists all his opponents. He repelled the assaults of Flamme du Goutier and Diable de Vauvert to the end, which ended with a bang. Another twist after the finish: Flamme du Goutier is deprived of the accessory of honor after an investigation into his gait. Diable de Vauvert got it back and finished ahead of Moni Viking, Carat Williams, Chica de Joudes and Délia du Pommereux, second favorite who was content with sixth place.

Etonnant, who had performed better on the mounted trot so far, won the first Group I of his career. His victory is undoubtedly reminiscent of champion Timoko, his own father, but also his stunt and training companion. Anthony Barrier, his driver, is obviously delighted after his success: “It’s a huge moment. My partner had an exemplary winter meeting and is being rewarded. The long distance helped him. His mentor did a great job, he’s a great coach. ”

Richard Westerink, coach and owner, explains: “It’s a wonderful victory, I’m very moved. I always knew he was a long distance horse. He has a lot of courage and demeanor. At home, he never gets tired. Etonnant has progressed enormously this winter and it is still happening today.

Watch the race Prix de Paris “‘Marathon Race” below: