delia du pommereux

15 runners in the Prix de Paris “Marathon Race”


25 February 2021

The Prix d’Amérique Races ZEturf competition will come to an apotheosis on Sunday February 28 at Hippodrome Paris-Vincennes. The Prix de Paris “Marathon Race”, the third Ultimate Final after the Prix d’Amérique “Legend Race” and the Prix de France “Speed ​​Race”, will be the last race in a fabulous saga. The champions will face off on the longest course in the Parisian arena, 4,150 meters, or two laps of the Grande Piste.

Suspense, adrenaline, records, sporting achievements, emotions and great stories: the first edition of the Prix d’Amérique Races ZEturf competition held high-level sports lovers in suspense. After 9 exciting events, it will be time to say goodbye, very provisionally, to the tenors of World Trotting. They will offer their fans one last fight in the Prix de Paris “Marathon Race”, this Sunday February 28 at Paris-Vincennes. The very long distance of 4,150 meters adds an even more spectacular element to this prestigious Group I, won in the past by true legends, such as Gelinotte, Jamin, Masina, Une de Mai, Bellino II, Ourasi, Général du Pommeau, Ready Cash or Bold Eagle. The competitors will complete two full laps of the Grande Piste and will therefore pass the demanding climb twice. Their supporters will have plenty of time to admire them in action. A clever mix of endurance and speed will be essential to play the leading roles.

The 2021 vintage brought together the stars who performed the show during the Prix d’Amerique Races ZEturf competition. Diable de Vauvert, winner of QUALIF # 1, Féérie Wood, heroine of QUALIF # 4, Davidson du Pont, winner of QUALIF # 6 and second in the Prix d’Amérique “Legend Race”, and Délia du Pommereux, winner of the Prix ​​de France “Speed ​​Race” (our photo), are part of the superb peloton of 15 cadors. Etonnant, Moni Viking and Bahia Quesnot, who also distinguished themselves in previous events, will have supporters. Flamme du Goutier, at its peak, Décoloration, one of the revelations of recent weeks, and Violetto Jet, consistent and very sharp, are not lacking in arguments. Tony Gio offers the advantage of having finished second in the two previous editions. All the parameters are brought together to offer a sensational outcome.

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