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Prix de Paris “Marathon Race” key figures


23 February 2021

1 – Number of wins in the race of Eric Raffin, the current Sulky d’Or. It was in 2012 with Roxane Griff. This year he will be associated with Délia du Pommereux, with whom he has just won the Prix de France “Speed ​​Race” after finishing fourth in the Prix d’Amérique “Legend Race”.

2 – As the number of laps of the Big Track of the Hippodrome Paris-Vincennes to be covered in this long-term competition (4,150 meters) justifying its name of Marathon Race. Two is also the number of races contested during the year on this necessarily atypical course.

4 – Since 1990, only four trotters of foreign origin have won the Prix de Paris: Piper Cub in 1990, Remington Crown in 1999, Maharajah in 2011 and Lionel in 2016.

5 – As the number of mares in the race winners since 2000. Bélina Josselyn, the latest and defending champion, even achieved a double in 2019 and 2020.

7 – The number of victories for Jean-Michel Bazire as a driver in the race. Among the pilots in activity, he is the most successful.

17 – Like the number of years it takes to find the last author of the Prix de Cornulier – Prix de Paris double at the same meeting. This was Jag de Bellouet in 2004. This year Bahia Quesnot will try to imitate him.

29 – As the gap in years since the last successful series Prix des Centaures – Prix de Paris “Marathon Race”. He worked for Vivier de Montfort in 1992. This year, Flamme du Goutier is taking the same gamble. In 1992, Vivier de Montfort was also second in the Prix de Cornulier as… Flamme du Goutier.

1’13’’5 – The record kilometer reduction in the Prix de Paris “Marathon Race” set by Up And Quick (our photo) in 2015.

1989 – The year the star Ourasi competed for the only time in his career in the Prix de Paris “Marathon Race”, which he won by returning 25 meters to Rêve d’Udon. The distance was then 3,200 meters.

2017 – The year in which Bold Eagle achieved the triple Prix d’Amérique “Legend Race” – Prix de France “Speed ​​Race” – Prix de Paris “Marathon Race”, ie the challenge of the UItimate, called at the time Triple Crown. He is the only successful trotter in the 21st century. There are four in total in history to have made it: Gélinotte (1956 and 1957), Jamin (1959), Bellino II (1976) and Bold Eagle (2017). No candidate can claim a feat this year since the Prix d’Amérique “Legend Race” was won by Face Time Bourbon, who will beabsent on Sunday, and the Prix de France “Speed ​​Race” by Délia du Pommereux.


Hippodrome Paris-Vincennes closed to the public

Following government measures, the races meeting at the Paris-Vincennes Hippodrome will take place behind closed doors. Thank you for your understanding.