Prix d’Amérique Races ZEturf QUALIF #3 and #4 key figures

Prix d’Amérique Races ZEturf QUALIF #3 and #4 key figures


22 December 2020

1 – Only the winner of each of the two races will win the coveted ticket to Prix d’Amerique – Legend Race, Speed Race and Marathon Race! Competition is therefore of crucial importance and generates an increased dose of tension for all.

QUALIF # 3 Critérium Continental

2 – As the number of victories for the Quintin breeding which had seen Rolling d’Héripré winning the 2009 edition and Un Mec d’Héripré (our photo) winning in 2012. This year, it is in Gu d’Héripré, one of the French favorites, that it behooves him to take up the torch.

3 – Over the last five editions, Ready Cash has seen three of its products win in this Q # 3 – Critérium Continental: Face Time Bourbon last year which had in Eridan (2018) and Bold Eagle (2015). This same Bold Eagle which could have two of its products at the start on Sunday with the French Green Grass and the Scandinavian Aetos Kronos.

4 – The number of Criterium Continental winners then awarded Prix d’Amérique – Legend Race: Abano As, Offshore Dream, Bold Eagle and Face Time Bourbon last year.

5 – Since 2000, five trotters born outside France have won the Critérium Continental: German Titan, Abano As, Opal Viking, Tumble Dust and the most recent, Treasure Kronos, winner in 2016.

9 – The number of horses lining up in the front row behind the wings of the autostart, the start of the race being given in motion in front of the stands. From number 10, the horses are placed on a second curtain.

1’10’’3 – The race’s record kilometer reduction, co-owned by Un Mec d’Héripré and Eridan.

2 100 – In meters, the distance to be covered with the specificity of the start launched thanks to the autostart. The champions will fly at over 55km / h in the descent from Vincennes.

QUALIF # 4 Prix Tenor de Baune 

2008 – This is the date of the creation of the event, which was recently conceived to serve as a qualifier for Prix d’Amérique-Legend Race.

5 – The number of foreign born trotters who won.

1’11’’6 – Race record set last year by Excellent.

3 – Number of mares on the prize list (Orla Fun in 2008, Lana del Rio in 2011 and Bélina Josselyn in 2016).

2 – Number of champions who won the event, followed by the Prix d’Amérique-Legend Race (Up And Quick and Readly Express).

2 700 – In meters, the distance of the race.