records prix d'amérique legend race

Prix d’Amérique “Legend Race” 2021 full of records!


1 February 2021

The 2021 Prix d’Amérique “Legend Race” has written a great page in its fabulous history: both sporting and economically.

The time of 1’10’’8

50.85 km/h. This is the new benchmark average speed of the biggest race in France, if not the world. This is the major feat achieved by Face Time Bourbon to win its second consecutive Prix d’Amérique. Bahia Quesnot, leader of the race, helped set this new record, but the winner’s last kilometer was exceptional: 1’09’’! His last 500 meters were covered in 34”4 with a point in the last corner on the foot of 1’06’’7. We have never seen a horse go so fast in the last curve at Vincennes. The record is therefore improved by four tenths compared to the previous one held by Bold Eagle and Readly Express. And if we look even more globally, the improvement in times is simply giddy (taking the symbolic bars):

2021: Face Time Bourbon – 1’10’’8
2017 and 2018: Bold Eagle and Readly Express – 1’11’’2
2012: Ready Cash – 1’12’’
2014: Général du Pommeau – 1’12’’6
1998 and 1999: Dryade des Bois and Moni Maker – 1’14’’3
1994: Sea Cove – 1’15’’
1986 and 1992: Ourasi and Verdict Gédé – 1’16’’6
And it is possible that it is not over yet: “I think he has a 1’10’’5 in his legs, “Sebastien Guarato said in the program “Le Grand Debrief” on Equidia.

Internet stakes records

Another absolute record, the first event of the Ultimate Finals made it possible to cross the threshold of 7 million euros in online stakes (all operators combined during the day). A confirmation of the merits of the new positioning of the major races of the winter meeting towards the “Legend Race”, the first stone of the Ultimate Finals which will certainly still have to fascinate the punters (Sunday February 14 for the Prix de France “Speed ​​Race” and the 28 for the Prix de Paris “Marathon Race”). In any case, they were there and generated a volume of issues never before reached on the online. PMU, which for the first time recorded more than 5 million euros on its site, also said: “In exceptional conditions, marked by the absence of bets at the racetrack and more than a quarter of the points of sale PMU still closed due to health restriction measures, the total stakes recorded during the day held up particularly well, reaching 28 million euros against 33.7 million euros in 2020. “And Cyril Linette to add: “Driven by an attractive and differentiated offer, this performance illustrates the success of our innovations and the remarkable progress made in recent months by PMU and its e-commerce brand, which has attracted both riders and new punters.