The mounted champions stars of Prix de Paris “Marathon Race”: Jardy (5/5)

Step back in time

27 February 2021

The Prix de Paris “Marathon Race”, scheduled for Sunday February 28 at Hippodrome Paris-Vincennes, will close the Prix d’Amérique Races ZEturf competition. This Group I will also be the third Ultimate Final, after the Prix d’Amérique “Legend Race” and the Prix de France “Speed ​​Race”. The champions will compete over 4,150 meters, or two laps of the Parisian Grande Piste, a very long course which is perfectly suited to competitors who also shine in the uphill, the other discipline of Trotting. Several tenors of racing under the saddle have won the Prix de Paris “Marathon Race” in the past. Last episode talks about Jardy.

Starting early, in October of the year he turned 2, Jardy then played under the responsibility of the formidable Philippe Allaire. From his second performance, he won a sulky event at La Capelle on November 11, 1999. He won from his debut at the mounted trot on January 3, 2000 at Hippodrome Paris-Vincennes, and quickly became the leader of his promotion in discipline. Jardy won three Group I races in two seasons, the Saint-Léger des Trotteurs, the Prix de Vincennes and the Prix du President de la République. A hat-trick rarely achieved and worthy of the greatest champions.

In 2003, he left the boxes of Philippe Allaire to join those of another exceptional professional, Jean-Michel Bazire. The Sarthois steers Jardy’s career almost exclusively to the harnessed trot. Cygnus d’Odyssée‘s son will only perform on rare occasions in the other specialty. He attempted the adventure in the Prix d’Amerique “Legend Race” and the Prix de Paris “Marathon Race” in 2004, but suffered the rigors of disqualifications. The end of the season is going much better for him. Jardy has five wins in three months and is appearing again in the Prix de Paris “Marathon Race” on February 20, 2005. This is where his legend writes his first pages. The bay horse will achieve the feat of winning the Prix de Paris “Marathon Race” three years in a row. Only Bellino II and Vourasie did it before him.

Among his other great performances at the highest level, Jardy will also triumph in the Prix René Ballière 2006 and will finish second in the Prix d’Amérique “Legend Race” the same year. He retired from competition at 10 years old on May 2, 2007. As a stallion, we owe him above all the formidable Vanika du Ruel.

Watch below Jardy‘s three victories in the Prix de Paris “Marathon Race”, in 2005, 2006 and 2007: