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The greatest editions of Prix de Paris Marathon Race

Step back in time

19 February 2022

The Prix de Paris Marathon Race, the third and final Final of the Prix d’Amérique Races ZEturf competition, will delight lovers of beautiful sport on Sunday February 27 at the Hippodrome Paris-Vincennes. This Group I over the very long distance of 4150 meters has crowned magnificent champions in the past and offered sublime moments of adrenaline and emotion. Here are a few of the most notable editions. We could have mentioned many more…

1977 – Bellino II

The incredible Bellino II won a third Prix de Paris in 1977 after achieving the same feat in the Prix d’Amérique a month earlier. This impressive trotter, who was nicknamed the steamroller, was as good at the Sulky as he was at the Etrier. He really marked his time and his popularity went beyond borders.

1989 – Ourasi

The best trotter of all time is essentially known for being the only one to have won four Prix d’Amérique. He is also on the Prix de Paris winners, it was in 1989, a month after having experienced his only defeat in the world championship at the Sulky. Ourasi had then finished third. A total rehabilitation which had earned him the honors of the television news:

1994 – Vourasie

The popular little sister of Ourasi, who wore the same jersey, won the Prix de Paris three times, like Bellino II. Vourasie was also the first winner over 4,150 meters, the race having previously been contested over 3,200 meters. Here are images of his victory acquired in 1994:

2007 – Jardy

They are only three in history to have triumphed three times in the Prix de Paris: Bellino II, Vourasie and Jardy. The latter achieved his third success in Group I in 2007. A versatile trotter, he loved races over very long distances.

2015 – Up And Quick

The Prix de Paris speed record is still held by Up And Quick in 1’13’’5. The resident of Franck Leblanc, then at the top of his game, established it in 2015, a month after winning the Prix d’Amérique. A simply exceptional time over such a long distance.

2017 – Bold Eagle

The winter of 2017 is that of the phenomenal Bold Eagle (our photo). Sébastien Guarato’s protege won the Triple Crown that year. During the same season, he had won what are now called the three Finals of the Prix d’Amérique Races ZEturf competition, namely the Prix d’Amérique, the Prix de France and the Prix de Paris. They were only three champions to have done it before him. The aforementioned Bellino II was the last to have accomplished the feat, it was in 1976.

2020 – Belina Josselyn

On February 23, 2020, Belina Josselyn competed in the last race of her superb career, crowned in particular by a success in the Prix d’Amérique 2019. The resident of Jean-Michel made an exit through the front door, winning for the second consecutive year in the Prix de Paris, to the immense joy of his many fans.