The Prix d’Eté looks like the Prix d’Amérique


10 September 2021

The Prix d’Eté is intended to be the highlight of the beautiful season at the Paris-Vincennes Hippodrome. It’s sort of Prix d’Amérique “Legend Race” in September.

The program for Saturday September 11 at the Hippodrome Paris-Vincennes will be dominated by the Prix d’Eté, Group II, which brings together great champions every year. This year, several Group I winners are part of the cast: Green Grass, Feliciano, Etonnant and Davidson du Pont (second in the last Prix d’Amerique “Legend Race”). The event promises to be sumptuous.

The past shows that the Prix d’Eté has acquired a prestigious status, which in some ways is similar to the Prix d’Amérique. Many of the September winners have also pinned the World Championship to their list of achievements. Abo Volo, Général du Pommeau, Meaulnes du Corta, Ready Cash (twice) and Belina Josselyn (picture above), to name but the most recent, have captured the Prix d’Eté and the Prix d’Amérique in their prestigious careers.

The two summit races have similarities, in addition to their glorious past: the distance (2,700 meters Grande Piste), their international character, their vocation to bring together the best trotters at Sulky and their old side (the Prix d’Eté has was established in 1942). However, the Summer Prize requires special skill due to its specific position in the calendar. Many trotters do not appreciate the beautiful season and the heat that can reign during this period. They perform best during the winter frosts. The conditions of the Prix d’Eté also allow geldings to participate. Gelding champions such as Général du Lupin, Rapide Lebel and the late Aubrion du Gers are thus on the list. Cleangame, another gelding in the running this year, will try for a double in this Group II. A race that will therefore be followed with particular attention!

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