hippodrome de caen

The longest races of the French calendar


18 February 2022

The Prix de Paris Marathon Race, third and final Final of the Prix d’Amérique Races ZEturf competition, will cover the longest distance of the Paris-Vincennes racecourse on Sunday 27 February. Competitors will compete over 4,150 meters, hence the name Marathon Race. What are the other events on the long-term courses in France?

The Caen racecourse (our photo) organizes the longest Trotting race every year. This is the Group III Prix de la Ville de Caen which takes place over 4,400 meters, in October, and which regularly rewards leading protagonists such as Rêve d’Udon, Abo Volo or Jardy. Then comes the Critérium d’Endurance in Vichy, an event reserved for amateur drivers over 4,250 meters. It takes place in September. Note at the same time the Prix du Journal Haut Anjou in Craon, over 3,500 meters. Biarritz is not to be outdone with a race over 3,750 meters in July.

These long-term exercises obviously require qualities of endurance and robustness, a typical characteristic of high-performance horses in the Stirrup discipline. It is therefore not surprising to find in the Prix de Paris Marathon Race a large number of versatile champions, as talented under saddle as in the Sulky. Bellino II, for example, won Group I three times in 1975, 1976 and 1977. The man nicknamed the steamroller also won the Prix de Cornulier, the Etrier world championship, three times. Vivier de Montfort, Dream With Me, Jag de Bellouet, Jardy, Prince Gédé, Bird Parker and Etonnant are other famous examples. Flamme du Goutier, winner of the last Prix de Cornulier, will try to follow in their footsteps in the 2022 edition.