prix d'amérique races ZEturf Qualif #2

The future program for Qualif #2 protagonists


15 December 2021

After the Prix d’Amérique Races ZEturf Qualif # 2 – Prix du Bourbonnais, when will we see the competitors who met on Sunday December 12 at the Paris-Vincennes Hippodrome? Give honour where honour is due. Let’s start with the brilliant Etonnant winner. Richard Westerink’s protégé will no longer race in the Capital before the Prix d’Amerique Legend Race. We will have to go to Bordeaux on December 30 to admire him in competition. Crack son Timoko will compete in the Winter Grand Prix.
Face Time Bourbon, big favorite narrowly beaten for victory, does not change its plans. He will line up directly in the Prix d’Amerique Legend Race on Sunday January 30th. His entourage prefers to play the card of freshness. The three residents of Jean-Michel Bazire, Rebella Matters (third in Qualif # 2 and therefore qualified for the Finals), Zacon Gio (fourth) and Davidson du Pont (who could not be highlighted but who was making his comeback on track) will be reviewed in the Prix d’Amérique Races ZEturf Qualif # 5 – Prix de Bourgogne, on January 2.
Among the other competitors present on Sunday, it should be noted that Carat Williams is putting an end to his career. Delia du Pommereux could try her hand at the Etrier in the Prix de Cornulier, the specialty world championship scheduled for January 23. The unlucky Fakir du Lorault has no other choice but to aim for the last two Qualifiers to finally get his sesame for the Finals. Chica de Joudes is one of the entries for the Prix Jean Dumouch, Group III showing next Sunday.