8 December 2022

On Sunday December 11, the Qualif #2 – Prix du Bourbonnais will allow you to find out more about the ambitions and current form of the Sulky champions. The hour of truth has come in the Prix d’Amérique Races ZEturf competition! Etonnant, which had an exceptional year in 2022, will win many votes.

The Prix d’Amérique Races ZEturf Qualif #2 – Prix du Bourbonnais will distribute three new tickets for the Finals of the competition: the Prix d’Amérique Legend Race, the Prix de France Speed Race and the Prix de Paris Marathon Race. The battle still promises a breathtaking moment. 16 champions answered the call, with among them Etonnant, who is already presenting himself as one of the contenders for the coronation in the Finals. The resident of Richard Westerink covered himself with glory on May 29 by triumphing in the Elitloppet, the Swedish equivalent of our Prix d’Amérique Legend Race. His most recent performance at Paris-Vincennes, on September 10 in the Prix d’Eté, ended in splendid success. His many fans will be delighted to see him in action again, in a race he won last year, in front of the phenomenon Face Time Bourbon.

Vivid Wise As: A Strong Opponent

Etonnant will however have to fear Vivid Wise As, another essential crack on the European scene. Since March 2021, the handsome Italian has tirelessly finished in the top four. He notably won the Prix de France Speed Race in February, and his entourage does not hide having the Prix d’Amérique Legend Race in his sights.

Several protagonists who competed in Qualif #1 – Prix de Bretagne on November 20 will line up again at the start. Flamme du Goutier, fourth, had failed at the gates of qualification, while leaving a formidable impression. His sharp end of the race seduced the observers and the podium awaits him. Hooker Berry had also made a good effort down the straight. His sixth place augured a future achievement. Why not on Sunday? Hip Hop Haufor, winner three weeks ago, will obviously seek to confirm its splendid performance. Hussard du Landret was the most unfortunate of this Qualif #1. The Benoît Robin protege, initially second, was demoted to fifth place after an investigation for having hindered Flamme du Goutier. He will do his best to get his qualification. The spoilsport roles seem promised to Gala Tejy, Hirondelle Sibey, Décoloration, Violetto Jet, Zarenne Fas, Gu d’Héripré and Delia du Pommereux.

See the starters of the Prix d’Amérique Races ZEturf Qualif #2 – Prix du Bourbonnais