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Prix de Paris Marathon Race: the entries


22 February 2022

The Prix de Paris Marathon Race, third and last Final of the Prix d’Amérique Races ZEturf Competition, promises to be sumptuous on Sunday February 27 at the Hippodrome Paris-Vincennes. The entry list is available.

Most of the stars of the Prix d’Amérique Legend Race and the Prix de France Speed ​​Race should compete in the Prix de Paris Marathon Race, over the very long distance of 4,150 meters. The entourage of Davidson du Pont (our photo) has confirmed the participation of the winner of the Sulky World Championship. His health examinations, following his failure on February 13, revealed nothing abnormal. Diable de Vauvert, Etonnant, Galius, Flamme du Goutier, Fakir du Lorault, Bahia Quesnot, Chica de Joudes and Gu d’Héripré are the other almost certain protagonists at the start. The peloton will likely be provided, allowing the event to accommodate pay-per-view betting.

Ampia Mede SM, who had chained eight victories in a row between July and December, had been disqualified in the Prix d’Amérique Races ZEturf Qualif #4 – Prix Ténor de Baune. His mentor then granted him a short break. Fabrice Souloy’s protege recently returned to competition in top form as she impressively won the Prix de Munch on 12 February. She tries again the adventure at the highest level with a real good luck. Many specialists make it their favorite.

The final starters will be communicated on Thursday. Consult the list of participants by clicking here.