Prix d’Amérique Races ZEturf Qualif #2: Face Time Bourbon, simply the boss!

Prix d’Amérique Races ZEturf Qualif #2: Face Time Bourbon, simply the boss!


13 December 2020

Like the launch event on November 22, Prix d’Amerique Races ZEturf Qualif #2 offered its share of suspense, but this time at the start. The outcome was not contested. Face Time Bourbon, the all-time favorite and winner of the Prix d’Amérique-Legend Race 2020, won without being worried.

The race was marked at the start by a collision between Drôle de Jet and the unlucky Fakir du Lorault, who escaped for many minutes. Finally caught up, Mickaël Charuel’s protégé had lost too much energy and had to forfeit. The second start was almost fatal for Face Time Bourbon who took a gallop. Björn Goop, his loyal driver, was careful to get him back on track. The only 5-year-old phenomenon then quickly took charge of operations and never left. He won in a relaxed manner, adding a 27th victory to his superb career. We will now see him again on Sunday, December 27, in Prix d’Amerique Races ZEturf Qualif #4, the next stop before a double attempt in the Prix d’Amerique-Legend Race. Björn Goop reconsidered his success at the microphone of Equidia: “He got his pace wrong for a moment shortly after the start, then everything was back to normal. He is a very intelligent horse that can do anything. He is getting more and more experience. ”

Victor Ferm, second, and Moni Viking, third, also get their tickets to the Prix d’Amerique Legend Race, Speed ​​Race and Marathon Race. Six champions are now qualified for the three most prestigious Trotting races at Hippodrome Paris-Vincennes Hippodrome, which will bring together the best trotters on the planet: Diable de Vauvert, Feliciano, Bahia Quesnot, Face Time Bourbon, Victor Ferm and Moni Viking. Next meeting for Prix d’Amérique Races ZEturf competition: Sunday, December 27 with Qualif # 3 and # 4. Only the winner of each of these two events will get the precious sesame.

Watch Prix d’Amerique Races ZEturf Qualif #2 by clicking here.