prix de france speed race

18 runners in Prix de France Speed Race


9 February 2023

The day promises to be exceptional on Sunday February 12 at the Hippodrome Paris-Vincennes. The Prix de France Speed Race, the second Final of the Prix d’Amérique Races ZEturf competition, will offer a rematch of the Prix d’Amérique Legend Race, the Sulky World Championship contested two weeks earlier. On the ultra-fast course of 2,100 meters, the battle promises a daunting moment!

18 champions will trot at full speed and could break speed records. 11 of them took part in the Prix d’Amérique Legend Race, the main event on January 29. The beaten competitors will be thirsty for revenge but Hooker Berry, a magnificent winner two weeks ago, will still have victory in their sights. The draw gave him number 3 behind the autostart, a very favorable position. Jean-Michel Bazire, his trainer, announces him in sparkling form. This time he leaves his place in the sulky to his son Nicolas.

The term revenge suits Ampia Mede SM perfectly, a magnificent second in the Prix d’Amérique Legend Race. Fabrice Souloy’s protege finished at the speed of the wind without having been particularly lucky in the course. Franck Nivard, his driver, was even disappointed after the race. He thinks he could have won with a little more success. It may only be a postponement…

Vivid Wise As puts his title on the line

Vivid Wise As was disqualified in the Prix d’Amérique Legend Race. We must not forget that he won this Prix de France Speed Race last year by setting the new record for the event (1’09”7). Ideally located behind the car in lane 4, Matthieu Abrivard’s partner will have logical supporters. Hooker Berry‘s training mate, Beads also enjoys speed drills. He proved it on January 28 by winning easily on the course that interests us. With Jean-Michel Bazire on his sulky, he should play a good role despite his position in the second row behind the autostart.

Respectively fourth, fifth and sixth in the Prix d’Amérique Legend Race, Hip Hop Haufor, Hohneck and Don Fannucci Zet also hold a serious chance. Horsy Dream will try to rehabilitate himself after a disappointing eighth place in the world championship, when he was favorite. Delia du Pommereux is none other than the winner of the 2021 edition. She also finished third in 2020 and second last year! Her experience and taste for the track will be two major assets, but she has unfortunately inherited the worst number behind the car, 9. of suspense and spice!

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