davidson du pont

15 runners in Prix de France Speed Race


10 February 2022

The Sulky champions will make us live a new exceptional moment, Sunday February 13 at Hippodrome Paris-Vincennes on the occasion of the Prix de France Speed ​​Race, second of the three Finals of the Prix d’Amérique Races ZEturf competition. Two weeks after the Prix d’Amérique Legend Race, there will be revenge in the air for the stars of the ash.

They will be 15 cracks to set off behind the autostart for a speed exercise over the short distance of 2,100 meters. The peloton will flirt with speeding and records could fall. 13 of the 15 protagonists took part two weeks earlier in the Prix d’Amérique Legend Race, but the much reduced course risks changing the configuration of the confrontation. The fastest trotters will take advantage of the windfall to enter the spotlight.

Davidson du Pont, hero of the Sulky world championship, will be on the track again. The resident and partner of the young Nicolas Bazire won the Prix de France Speed ​​Race in 2020 and will still give his best, despite an unfavorable number 8 behind the autostart. Flamme du Goutier, third in the Prix d’Amérique Legend Race, continued with superb performances at the highest level. She will be among the potential candidates for success, especially since she inherited lane 6, a correct position. The Italian Vivid Wise As is a true specialist in speed events. He too will be aiming for victory, after obtaining a convincing fourth place two weeks ago. He will simply have to avoid the traps of number 1 behind the car. Etonnant, excellent in the qualifying races, unfortunately disappointed in the Prix d’Amérique Legend Race. Richard Westerink’s protege will be keen to rehabilitate. Delia du Pommereux, title holder and well placed behind the autostart with 3, Cokstile, winner on this course in Qualif #5 – Prix de Bourgogne, Power, associated with the triple Sulky d’Or Eric Raffin, Rebella Matters, Zacon Gio and Chica de Joudes should also play the leading roles.

Billie de Montfort will bid farewell to the Hippodrome Paris-Vincennes after a formidable career. Present at Group I level since February 2014, the tireless 11-year-old mare will reach the age limit in France on March 31. She presents herself as the richest of the competitors and again ranked third in Qualif #5 – Prix de Bourgogne on January 2. For her fifth participation in the Prix de France Speed ​​Race, the resident of Sébastien Guarato will have many supporters behind her.