Nicolas Bazire

Prix d’Amérique Legend Race: Nicolas Bazire or the triumph of youth


2 February 2022

Nicolas Bazire entered the history of the Prix d’Amérique Legend Race: of course as the winner of the biggest trotting race in the world, but also by becoming the youngest driver to win. His age ? 21 years old, only.
Nothing seems to be able to make him leave his cool-attitude. Neither during the many interviews that preceded the event nor after his victory in the Prix d’Amérique Legend Race 2022 which would have put more than one on 100,000 volts. No, Nicolas Bazire kept his calm throughout the American week, which nevertheless gave him the enormous responsibility of having to validate the work of an entire family dynasty, that of the Rayons, including his great-grand -father Albert was the great instigator and his grandfather Jean-Yves the developer in recent decades.
A big challenge
It is therefore up to him to conquer the Holy Grail of America with Davidson du Pont, a house-student like him, who had to accept the silver medal two years in a row behind Face Time Bourbon. A huge challenge seen like that. However, not enough, at least apparently, to disturb Nicolas’ calm. It’s mission accomplished for the family and here he is, personally, as the youngest driver to win the Prix d’Amérique Legend Race at only 21 years old!
Cradled by the images of the triumphs of his father Jean-Michel Bazire (twenty times Sulky d’Or), Nicolas has races running through his veins. Passed through the box of pony trials, in which he crossed swords with Théo Duvaldestin (also 21 years old and third Sunday at the sulky of Flamme du Goutier), he completed his apprenticeship at the Graignes racing school, not away from Theo again. Nicolas Bazire takes part in his first official competition in April 2017 in Neuillé-Pont-Pierre, signs his first victory at the Hippodrome Paris-Vincennes four months later and unlocks his counter in Groups III from 2019. One year after a first participation at the Prix d’Amérique Legend Race in the sulky of Valokaja Hindo, he won his first Group I… directly in America! What an exceptional trajectory!