Jean-Michel Bazire at the gates of a new record

Jean-Michel Bazire at the gates of a new record


20 February 2021

Entered in the Prix de Paris Marathon Race, the final round of the Ultimate Finals, Davidson du Pont can, if successful, offer an 8th title to his driver Jean-Michel Bazire. The man with 20 Sulky d’Or would thus hold the new record, which he currently shares with Jean-René Gougeon.

Their names have marked the history of Trotting. Jean-René Gougeon, the “Pope of Vincennes” and Jean-Michel Bazire, the “Zidane du Trot”. Associated with top champions, they have each won the Prix de Paris Marathon Race 7 times. From 1970 to 1985, Jean-René Gougeon shone on the sulky of Une de Mai (1970, 1973), Bellino II (1975-76-77), Katinka (1983) and Malouin (1985). And when he was not in the spotlight as a driver, the man at the 8 Prix d’Amérique Legend Race stood out as a trainer, with his brother “Minou” Gougeon at the helm of Toscan (1962, 1971 ) or the legendary Ourasi (1989).

Over a decade and a half, Jean-Michel Bazire has done as well as his brilliant elder. Like Jean-René Gougeon with Bellino II, the “King” won three editions in a row with Jardy (2005-06-07), before making two doubles with Up and Quick (2014, 2015), beating twice the record of the event, then Bélina Josselyn (2019-20). Davidson du Pont, who could not stand out in the Prix de France Speed ​​Race, approaches the Marathon Race in full possession of his means and will be able to count on tactical science (in a race that does not lack) his mentor to make a difference.