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Daniel Redén dreams of America


31 December 2021

Daniel Redén will present two competitors at the start of the Prix d’Amérique Races ZEturf Qualif # 5 – Prix de Bourgogne, Sunday January 2 at Hippodrome Paris-Vincennes. These will be his first two highlights of winter in the capital. The expansive coach has won some of the finest events at home in Sweden. In France, he hopes to win the Prix d’Amérique Legend Race.

Friendly and facetious, Daniel Redén has an atypical personality in the world of horse racing. At the head of the important and impactful Stall Zet team, the 42-year-old professional did not hesitate a few months ago to take the stage on social media. A little more discreet now, he focuses fully on the management of his bloated and talented workforce. This winter at Paris-Vincennes, he is counting on Don Fanucci Zet and Missle Hill to shine in the Prix d’Amérique Races ZEturf competition. Both will line up for the Qualif # 5 – Prix de Bourgogne on Sunday.

The first mentioned won last May the most beautiful Scandinavian event, the Elitloppet, the equivalent of the Prix d’Amerique Legend Race with us. It will be driven by Orjan Kihlström, the 2014 Prix d’Amerique Legend Race winner with Maharajah. The second also has an impressive track record and will have the advantage of being associated with the formidable Björn Goop, winner of the Prix d’Amerique Legend Race in 2018 with Readly Express and in 2021 and 2021 with Face Time Bourbon. Don Fanucci Zet and Missle Hill will set foot on the legendary Parisian track for the first time.

While Missle Hill may not have the full potential to win the World Championship on the sulky, Don Fanucci Zet more likely has the weapons to give Daniel Redén a first victory in the Prix d’Amerique Legend Race. This will obviously require beating Face Time Bourbon and other formidable opponents. Verdict in almost four weeks…