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Prix de France Speed Race: speed record in danger


8 February 2022

The Prix de France Speed ​​Race, second of three Finals of the Prix d’Amérique Races ZEturf competition, will take center stage on Sunday February 13 at the Hippodrome Paris-Vincennes. This speed test raises the same question every year: will the champions always go faster? Here are the landmarks to know.

The Prix de France Speed ​​Race speed record is held by three competitors: Delia du Pommereux, winner last year, Face Time Bourbon, second behind the mare, and Kool du Caux, winner in 2007. They have all covered the 2 100 meters from the Great Track in the kilometer reduction of 1’09”8. Apart from these two years, the time has never dropped below the 1’10” mark. The record to beat is therefore 1’09’’8. The aforementioned Face Time Bourbon set the absolute Paris-Vincennes speed record on June 27 when he won the Prix René Ballière (our photo). The time: 1’09”1. The absolute speed record for a trotter is 1’07”6. He has been detained since October 6, 2020 by the American Homicide Hunter. He established it over the shortest possible distance, 1,609 meters, or one mile.

Will the 2022 edition of the Prix de France Speed ​​Race panic the hands of the stopwatch? It is obviously difficult to answer the question. Several parameters are involved in setting a record in trotting races. The state of the track and the weather conditions are essential. Dry weather and soft cinders make it possible to go as fast as possible. The course of the event is also very important. The leaders must impose a regular and sustained rhythm. Finally, competitors with strong potential are needed, but there is nothing to worry about. The cast of the Prix de France Speed ​​Race 2022 promises to be indeed splendid.