All his career he was considered a crack, like these great champions who come into the world only every ten or twenty years. From the age of three he rose to the challenge of winning three Group I races, establishing himself as the undisputed leader of his generation. He has competed in the Prix d’Amérique five times and won it in 2011 and 2012.

The Cannibal


A gifted trotter, Jag de Bellouet exploded at the highest level in 2004 winning several Group I races and winning a series of victories in the two disciplines of trotting, harnessed and mounted. He achieved consecration in 2005 by making the double Prix d’Amérique-Prix de Cornulier. Retired since 2007, he is now pursuing a successful stallion career.

Il Capitano


Surrounded by an international team, with a Finnish trainer, a Swedish lad, a French breeder, a driver and Italian owners, Varenne conquered two World Champion titles in 2001 and 2002. Holder of the record for earning races, with more of 6 million euros, he has become a top stallion.

Mister 30/30


Gifted, he was shaped by a calm and patient man, Jean Baptiste Bossuet, who transformed him into a trotting machine. Careful and pampered by him, he rose through the ranks one by one, becoming the leader of his generation until in 1990 he created the illusion of a challenge against Ourasi in the minds of the Vincennes public. The youngest declined the fight against the old horse but returned at the end of January 1991 to conquer the holy grail that every trotter wishes to include in his record, the Prix d’Amérique…

Better still, he won it unbeaten which no one had achieved until then, signing his 30th success. This feat remains unique in the history of trotting.


The best known horse in France, the most loved, the most admired, Ourasi was the “star” of Trotting in the 1980s. Four times winner of the Prix d’Amérique, 1986, 1987, 1988 and 1990, he is the first and only quadruple winner of the World Harness Trotting Championship. He died in January 2013 at the age of 32. A statue in his honor was unveiled in June 2014 at Hippodrome Paris-Vincennes.

The steamroller


The son of Boom III, born in Haute Savoie and recognizable by his red cap, represented the archetype of the complete horse. Alternating happily between harnessed and mounted trotting, he joined the boxes of Jean René Gougeon in 1974, where he shifted into high gear and began a most flourishing raid. At age or others run out of steam, the champion of Maurice Macheret wins everything that comes along including three Prix d’Amérique in a row, the last at ten beating a brave Eléazar.

The « Madone des sleepings »


First super crack after the war, whimsical and nervous mare, her owner Mr. Karle entrusted her to a talented trainer, a master of Trotting, the great Charley Mills. Winning a number of races in Europe, which earned it its nickname, it won two Prix d’Amérique in 1956 and 1957, but also the triple crown in those two years! She also distinguished herself at stud with her offspring Ura, Lurabo’s father (winner of the 1984 Prix d’Amérique) and Ourasi’s grandfather, the most popular champion of all time.

The flying chesnut


The first star in the history of Trot, this mare entrusted to the Italian Valentino Capovilla was the scarecrow of the 1920s on the ashes of Vincennes. Her easy victories discouraged more than one to the point that the organizers of the Prix d’Amérique decided to handicap her by at least 50 meters … Winner in 1926, 1927 and 1928, she was at the start still two years but could not return the distance ! A true idol with an aerial look, the public had boundless admiration for this champion.